Relationship Between Obstetrical Work And Outcomes

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Relationship Between Obstetrical Work And Outcomes

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Relationship Between Obstetrical Work And Outcomes

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Discuss about the Relationship Between Obstetrical Work and Outcomes.

The case study projects the practice of midwifery in nursing cases. Care from registered nurses results in the achievement of positive outcomes (Wickramasinghe, 2012). The midwife in the case study recommended Jane the tests that she needs for normal delivery. The prolonged nature of the tests acts as a compromise with the healthcare of Jane. Long duration in case of the provision of healthcare might aggravate the complexities of Jane in terms of her pregnancy.  
The collection of the Jane’s blood sample and recommendation for genetic test, as per the policy norms reflects the struggle of the hospital staffs towards ensuring the wellbeing of service users like Jane (Melo et al., 2016). Along with this, the ten-page long survey questionnaire form acts as a cornerstone for the hospital staffs in mitigating the potential risk factors that might act as an obstacle in Jane’s pregnancy (Scholl & Olaniran, 2015). Making Jane wait for a prolonged period after registration can be considered as a deviation in terms of the providing immediate services to the service users. Spontaneity is lacking in this case, which is a kind of negligence by the hospital staffs towards the efficient exposure of the allocated roles and responsibilities.
Improvement towards the patient care
As per the arguments of Sadler et al., (2013), speculation of the intensity of Jane’s tragic predicament, results in the establishment of the fact that spontaneous initiatives needs to be taken for gifting Jane a normal delivery. One of such recommendation is Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Effective utilization of this technology would provide the patients, such as, Jane with a modern care. The parameter of communication in the technology is the medium, which enhances the stability between the relationship between the patients and the hospital staffs (Currie, 2014).
The features of ICT are so advanced that it assists the hospital staffs to store the personal records of the patients. Herein, the performance exposed by the hospital staffs, towards Jane, acts as a deviation. Effective and judicious utilization of ICT software would have eased out the process of collecting the blood sample and retrieving it as per the requirements (Currie, 2014). Along with this, ICT would have added to the relaxation of Jane in terms of completing the hospital formalities. However, compelling Jane to complete the long survey form aggravates Jane’s pregnancy complications. On the contrary, putting the survey form on the website of the hospital would have added to Jane’s comfort, which is crucial for a normal delivery (Wang & Kim, 2015).
Effectiveness of the changes
According to the viewpoints of Mejdoubi et al., (2014), the recent scenario of healthcare necessitates the importance of ICT. The first parameter is “information”. Putting all the information on the website portal would help the administrative authorities of the hospital in connecting with several numbers of people at a single time. This type of connection on a large-scale would escalate the sales revenue of the hospital, which would add maximum value to the profit margin (Hollis et al., 2015). These benefits contradict the severity of Jane’s case, which degrades the managerial duties and responsibilities towards the care of the patients. Viewing it from the perspectives of the patients, this technology would add a modern touch into their lifestyles. As a matter of specification, ICT would safeguard their personal data and belongings. Moreover, provision of contacting the doctors online reduces the endless waits for the patients like Jane in terms of getting quality treatments and care (Watson et al., 2016).
Joint ventures with the stakeholders and shareholders would result in the introduction to prospective deals, trades and transactions for the wellbeing of patients like Jane (Wickramasinghe, 2012). Putting these offers, schemes and discounts on the website portal would increase the trafficking of the audience towards the hospital, which would act as a promotional activity for enhancing the reputation.
One of the major benefits of ICT is that it exposes the patients to a number of sources, from where they can get quality recommendations, support, treatment and care (Lindberg et al., 2013). The provision of video conferencing with the healthcare professionals assists the patients to get solutions for their health related problems by sitting at their homes. This facility proves beneficial for Jane in respect to avert the pregnancy related complications. This highlights the parameter of communication, which enhances the corporate social responsibility of the hospital in terms of ensuring the wellbeing of the patients.
Challenges towards the achievement of success
According to (Wickramasinghe, 2012), pregnancy during employment is one of the greatest challenges for women. Paying attention equally to the household chores as well as work pressure destroys the balance in their life. Jane underwent the same predicament, evidence of which, is her not letting her boos know about her appointment with the general physician. Double confirmation about pregnancy aggravates the complexities for Jane. On the contrary, direct consultation with the general physician would have smoothened the treatment process. The second urine test puts pressure on her womb, which might not bestow the joy of a normal delivery on Jane (Scholl & Olaniran, 2015). This issue necessitates the technologically advanced machines, which possesses flexibility to detect pregnancy through one scan. Jane has already conducted the test, therefore execution of the test the second time does not seem justified.
One of the other challenges is the numerous times Jane has to register for getting treatment. Considering her issue, she needs to be provided utmost comfort and rest, which seemed to be lacking in the case study. Registration needs mental preparation, which lacks maturation in the initial phases of pregnancy (Wallis, 2012). Maintaining continuity with the challenges, the much-needed rest contradicts the numerous times Jane is ordered to visit the hospital for treatment. Countering this, visiting the hospital ensures Jane of whether all the processes are on the right track or not; however, in this process, she is deprived of the rest that she needs for having a normal delivery. In order to avert all these issues, technologically advanced machines are needed so that these kinds of tests can be conducted online (Wang & Kim, 2015).This means smoothens out the potential challenges, which might act as an obstacle in normal childbirth.
Cyber crimes might aggravate the potential risk factors for the patients as well as the hospital staffs. Lack of possession of efficient and technologically advanced machines overpowers the hackers in terms of intervening into the personal data and information of the patients (Lindberg et al., 2013).Typical example in this direction is Quick Heal Security, which assists the hospital staffs to mitigate the virus attacks within the online activities.
Lack of knowledge regarding the utilization of technologically advanced devices might aggravate the complexities of the hospital staffs in terms of providing quality healthcare services to patients like Jane. This drawback might degrade the health issues of the patients in times of emergencies (Yang et al., 2014).
In order to overcome these challenges, training acts as a beneficial means. Training would enhance the preconceived skills, expertise and knowledge of the employees (Wallis, 2012). This enrichment would act as a savior for the healthcare professionals in terms of ensuring the wellbeing of the patients, suffering from the same plight as that of Jane.
Provision of training to the employees on the effective utilization of the technologically advanced machines would help the management authorities to achieve technological advancement. Along with this, trainings would act as a savior for the staffs to handle the emergency situations effectively, which would improve the quality of lifestyle for the patients. Adoption of feedback, survey and customer portals would help the hospital authorities to bring noticeable improvements in their services, which would simultaneously upgrade their status on the humanitarian grounds (Yang et al., 2014).
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