Risk Assessment Of 2018 Football World Cup

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Risk Assessment Of 2018 Football World Cup

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Risk Assessment Of 2018 Football World Cup

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Discuss about the Risk Assessment of the 2018 Football World Cup for the National Football Team – (England National Football Team).

Background information
The principal target of this research paperwork explores the business report on the process of risk management in the significant global football event from the participating national team. More particularly, this research business report examines how England’s football team before as well as during 2018 FIFA global cup schedule to start June to mid August 2018 with Russia as host will be able to have the necessary security. The business report aims to address the security personnel in the region to know the concern of England’s Football team concerning identifying their risk that results as a result of security issues such as terrorists’ activities and instance that can lead to kidnapping of players. The article addresses some of the concern to Russian Security Department to consider in handling the risk that security threats can cause to England Football Team that could lead to different impacts on their performance in the coming competition when in the region. These issues or concern are addressed to Russian Security Department by England’s FIFA president who has the responsibility of ensuring that the football team remains safe and ready to give their best to their nation.
There are various strategies that the Russian Security Department can use in controlling and eliminating instances of security threat particularly terrorist attack on different teams such as England from occurring during World Cup tournament from June 2018. The strategies that the security department needs to focus on must aim at addressing the present situation conducive to stretch of terrorism activities (Arnold & Vent, 2018). The strategies should contain but not narrowed to lingering unresolved instances of tensions, dehumanization of different victims of violence in all its modes together with signs, inappropriate regulations along with violations of human privileges, and ethnic, state as well as spiritual discriminations. The other issues that relate with terrorist attacks in Russia that these strategies have to address include instances of political exclusions, marginalization of social and economic elements, along with inappropriate dominance while acknowledging that none of these situations can explain or justify different operations of terror groups that can rise during as well as before 2018 Football World Cup. Therefore, there is a need for security policymakers in Russia to embrace the tough as well as smart approach of defeating various terror groups that target their borders (Dietschy, 2012). They must show their appropriate strategy to be capable of eliminating threat of terrorism without going too far and placing Russia on the extended term war footing. FIFA body I n England recommends that the Russia policymakers of different security operations need to be clear concerning their strategy to stop terrorist at home teams, fans and visiting teams and their fans during the 2018 FIFA World up right now and in the future when the competition begins. Therefore, all recommended strategies by England Football governing body to Russian security department aim at helping the policy makers to understand how they can discover different plots of world cup terror attack to ensure that the competition remains to be safe from any attack (James & Day, 2015). Major recommendations that England FIFA governing body addressed to be undertaken by Russia Security policymakers include prevention of the immediate threat, destroying ISIS abroad, and preventing cases of radicalization in Russia among other recommendations. 
Preventing the immediate threat
The ability of ISIS along with other known and unknown terrorists groups to affect potential operations of England football team during world cup could prove devastating. In order to address such issue of risk concern in the near-term, the Russian Security Department must focus on protecting England team by protecting terrorists from entering their camps and keep guns out of terrorist hands. The need to protect England Football team from using different drugs during the tournament helps in protecting the players from getting ban during the match (Manzenreiter, 2014). Therefore, preventing the immediate threat can help the team management to ensure that players are not using any illegal substances that can result in increasing performance of players. These practices will help in reducing the incidences of founding players guilty of using these drugs that can lead to banning of players that can adversely affect outcome of the team during the tournament. The local Russian agencies need to be fully ready and prepared, trained, coordinated, as well as funded to protect English football team against ISIS and other terror threats during the 2018 World Cup (Tumblety, 2018).  Therefore, Russian department that deals with its homeland security have the mandate of being in the frontlines at the federal level to protect English footballers and fans from such kinds of threats and they also need to increase their funding as the danger persists. Besides, health departments need to establish effective ways of dealing with cases of health infections that result from injuries and infections that can occur from different diseases (Wanna, 2015). Russian authorities need to increase funding to health department so that they can improve their research and development on effective ways that they can use to examine different foreigners that come to watch the football matches of any disease or health disorder that they might have before being cleared to enter Russia. These recommendations by England football governing body to Russian Security and health department when taken together will enable the agencies in Russia to avert the attack while preparing for the worst in the global event that is about to start in June 2018.
The authority should focus on stopping instances of terrorists from entering Russia. Only people with valid visa should be allowed to enter or cross Russian borders as a way of ensuring that every individual that come or leave the country is not a terrorist. The security personnel in the region need to work with other security personnel in England and other teams that are yet to participate in the 2018 world cup to fix this vulnerability (Crabbe, 2018). They can fix it by changing the program to ensure that every citizen of the specified nation who is also the citizen of countries that most terror groups need to apply for the visa prior their travel to Russia. By going ahead, more can be done in order to ensure that terrorists are unable to enter Russia before and during 2018 world cup (de Haan, Faull, & Kohe, 2014). The Russian department that deals with security and health should send different agents to nations at high risk of activity of terrorism and instances of health complications to provide advanced screening of visa applicants and health records. Increase information sharing that exists between intelligence agencies will offer Russia to have a better grasp of the foreign terrorist fighter issue that can have adverse impact on English team if not adequately addressed.
Destroy ISIS abroad
In the near term, there exist various techniques that Russia can ramp its efforts to destroy ISIS, securing its national interests, as well as moving towards regional stability before 2018 world cup begins. There is a need by Russia to intensify coalition efforts by improving airstrikes, enforcing the no-fly regions if the Syria peace progress fails, and adding Russia special activities forces on the ground to help in taking the fight against ISIS as a major terror group that imposes hue danger on the field (Lawrence, 2017). The local security forces in Russia need to focus on increasing their abilities to take the fight against ISIS on the field before English team, and other organizations that had qualified for world cup arrives. The government in the region must do their part as well as pass the authorization for the use of military forces against any terror group that place or is dangerous to wellbeing of people during the event in Russian such as ISIS. Besides, the Russian security department need to enhance coalition efforts to fight these risks such as health, living and transport and surrounding conditions, team coaching, leadership, and teamwork, broadcasting, and media, along with security or geopolitical issues (Nitoiu, 2016). Going forward, Russia along with coalition of England partnership needs to continue increasing the pressure on ISIS and other terror groups through development of more airstrikes, kept preparing of neighborhood powers to center around reclaiming an area from ISIS and also better sharing of vital security information.
Russia ought to consider working with coalition accomplices with the mean to implement the no-fly zone over various territories, for example, finished northern Syria along the outskirt with turkey from different teams and fans that will be moving to Russia to take part in world cup. The recommendation will be vital as it will help in creating the safe zone on the ground for regular people to get to the care of compassionate that has dependably been blocked up to this point in the contention due to airstrikes (van Sterkenburg, 2013). Along these lines, Russian powers must always be ready to complement the no-fly zone through the idea of ensuring terror groups such as ISIS along with government forces do not block civilian access to humanitarian assistance on the region before, during, and after 2018 world cup. Furthermore, Russia need to authorize the use of military forces to help in fighting cases of drug abuse among people in Russia in order to make different people to shy away from using such drugs that can have long-term effects on their health and wellbeing (Stell & Salisbury, 2015). The country has the mandate of providing a broader set of policy objectives for ensuring extended term for regional stability as a way of ensuring that security of every England player and fan is safe.
Preventing radicalization in Russia
There is need for health and security departments to have short-term plans for their operations to eradicate cases of risk that can affect wellbeing of England national football team when they arrive in the region to take part in 2018 FIFA World Cup. For instance, England governing body recommends to Russia security department that the need to have short-term plans can help in defeating ISIS (Abell, Condor, Lowe, Gibson, & Stevenson, 2017). These plans can assist in defeating terrorist groups at home and broad but they must comply with the extensive effort of addressing terrorist threats again stems that have qualified to take part in 2018 FIFA World Cup such as England. Besides, focus on long-term policies right before, during, and after the event should include efforts to counter extremists propaganda online as well as establishing the local partnership’s strategy to support wellbeing of English team in the tournament. Furthermore, Russia security council need to concentrate on appropriate ways of defeating terrorist in different online platforms that can affect attendance of various organizations and their fans to the tournament that is about to begin (Crabbe, 2018). There is a need for the security to employ more force as a way of dealing with elimination of such terror groups. The special powers can also help in fighting instances of drug traffic in the region that can lead to substance abuse among players and fans during the tournament. The country should focus on the idea of cutting down internet during the tournament as a way of eliminating instances of spread of terror threats and drugs to different people in the region.
Russia must develop the national strategy to eliminate and defeat terrorists in cyberspace as well as improving their efforts to counter terrorist narratives in different online platforms. Russia security agencies along with the technology industry can efficiently work together to develop the efficient strategy to prevent instances of terror groups from using various online platforms to communicate efficiently with potential recruits (Gibbons, 2011). They can also use these platforms to recruit as well as spread propaganda that can affect wellbeing of players during their preparation for matches leading to negative result in the tournament. It is clear to note that action of Russian government will e only the part of the solution to health and security of England team players and their visiting fans. Technology organizations have to step up their operations and efforts against instances that lead to health problems, transport networks, broadcasting and media news, and security issues to improve before and after the tournament. Additionally, there is need for Russian communities and authorities to build their resilience against health threats from diseases and threats from ISIS along with like-minded terrorist groups in dealing with factors that can affect wellbeing of England Football team in the 2018 FIFA World Cup (Hjelm, 2011). These long-term recommendations can help in allowing Russia to create the more coordinated as well as organized policy path to address instances of health, transport, security, broadcasting and media, and leadership threats to wellbeing and performance of England football team.
Analysis: Aim and Success Criteria for project
The principal aim of the business report is to ensure that Russia as host of 2018 FIFA World Cup remains to have an environment that provides best environment for every team to perform to their level best. The success of such project of controlling instances of health complications can help in ensuring that players remains to be healthy as they aim to win the prestigious award to their respective countries during the competition (Kennedy, 2014). The success criteria for project as proposed by England Football governing body is to ensure that Russia is able to understand some of the issues that have been affecting its wellbeing and might have adverse effects of visiting teams during the tournament along with their fans that love the game of football.
Risk Appetite and Tolerance of the organization
The idea involve the amount of different risks that Russia exposes to England football team during the 2018 world cup on the broad level. Therefore, there is a need for Russia to be ready to accept different recommendations from English football governing body to ensure that they provide the necessary environment as required. Both usage of risk appetite along with risk tolerance in the plan help in setting up different boundaries of how much risk the entity is prepared to accept the proposed recommendations to improve their country that is about to host 2018 major tournament in football society (Skak, 2016). In most cases, a risk appetite stamen remains to be higher level statement that tends to consider mainly the levels of risks that Russia football management body deems acceptable from the recommendations provided to them by England Football team through their Football governing president. However, risk tolerance remains to be narrower and set the acceptance level of variation around set objectives on every event. For instance, risk appetite statement would be when Russia decides that it does not accept risks that could result in the significant loss of its base of revenue.
Risk Breakdown Structure
The idea involves the hierarchical list of different resources that relate by resource type and function that is applicable to facilitate process of planning and controlling project work on improving the well-being of English Football team during the tournament in Russia. The Russian authorities can use this idea to ensure that risk that they aim to manage to include anything that is unplanned for or unforeseen that can have the adverse effect on the cost of project, quality or, timing of the event (Bruce & Stewart, 2015). The risk breakdown structure will help in ensuring that there is a representation of risk in hierarchy that starts from higher levels and moving down to the more exceptional level dangers.
Risk Probabilities applied
The applied probability of risk in the issue to deal with wellbeing of England football team remains to be vital as it affect purchase of available tickets for sale before the start of 2018 FIFA World Cup. Essentially, recommendations to control risks that can affect the smooth running of tournament are fundamental concepts of chance, probability, or likelihood. Therefore, risk probability applied in the project look at the loss of something of great value given that the risk-generating event will happen (Arimoto, 2014). It is chronic that the management literature of quality of risk in the tournament and guidelines on quality tools for managing risk that are relatively silent on the meaning and uses of probability.
Risk Impacts applied
Need  to control security threat posse to the major tournament that is set to take place in Russia remains to be the major concern. The impacts of risk such as health, security, broadcast media, living and transport conditions, along with team coaching have been well addressed in the recommendations the England football governing body proposes to Russia to undertake to ensure that the tournament will go well as planned. Some of the items mentioned for the Russia to take or follow can have both positive and negative impact on the tournament that is yet to start (Heinonen, 2012). Risk impacts applied followed different interviews done during the visits done by the team specialists in ensuring that every condition is met by the region for the better performance of different football teams.
Risk Severity Matrix
The idea remains vital in defining level of hazard by thinking about the classification of likelihood or probability against the division of coming about seriousness. The idea addressed by England football governing body to Russia security department will help in increasing the visibility of risks as well as assisting management in the process of making decisions to ensure that they offer security to the team as its plans to take part in the critical event in FIFA calendar in June 2018. These risk severity matrix addressed are included in different categories that include catastrophic as they can lead to deaths of fans or players of recommendations are not well taken into consideration. The harm severity is also critical and marginal as it can lead to severe injury or multiple injuries such as health infections that cause injuries or transfer different diseases to players. Such risk severity matrix in health infections remains to be the kind of risk that is always carried by the players, but it can also be something that is transferred by different players that are taking part in the tournament by other players during the event (Farris, Zvolensky, Robles, & Schidt, 2015). The other category of risk severity matrix addressed that the recommendations can help in eliminating before and during the competition in Russia include negligible category that can result to minor injury on players like instances where a player can get injured while playing football that is always common in every game. Therefore, the use of risk severity matrix will help Russia to develop appropriate chart that plots the severity of 2018 world cup and probability of it taking place on the axis.
Risk Responses
The idea involves the process of developing effective strategic options along with determination of actions that can help in enhancing opportunities along with reduction of dangers that Russia security department can focus on during 2018 world cup. There is a need for every project team member to be assigned to take responsibility for every response of risks such as health, security, broadcasting, transport, and security among visiting players from England. The process will always ensure that every risk that can occur to affect wellbeing of England football team players to have personnel that monitors different responses as Russian government is delegated to implement responses to correct departments to deal with such issues that are threat to the football teams (Arnold, 2018). Therefore, management of risk was developed as the concept from the 1950s, and it become initiated in connection with programs of space, finances, along with nuclear power.
Risk register
The idea involve the scatter plot utilized as management of risk device and to fulfill regulatory compliance that acts as the respiratory for all identified risks during the tournament of 2018 world cup. These registers of risk include additional information about every risk such as nature of danger, reference, and owner, along with measures to mitigate the recommendations proposed. By following strategy of risk, it is necessary to understand the risk issues along with plans for participating teams that are important to understand something concerning the significant football sporting event viewed from the perspective of the participating team like England football national team. From the risk register, it is clear that several concerns may disrupt the preparation and implementation (Lundin, 2015). The strategies may end participation for the footballer, and in the worst case, the outcome might be severe injury or even the demise of footballers when they attend the 2018 world cup in Russia.
There are various shortcomings on this research business report concerning dangers evaluation of the 2018 Football global trophy foe the England national football team. The major drawback is that there is lack of time as some of the recommendations are long term and they require extended time on implementations. Lack of time result because 2018 June World Cup in Russia is about to commence in just a few days and it will remain tough for the Russian Security Council and policymakers to put recommendations of England football governing body in implementations. Besides, information used to stay to be a limitation on survey of risk that teams in the FIFA world cup 2018 might face (Magazine, Gonzalez, & Varela, 2014). The use of existing data in different platforms might be misleading, and every team that have qualified to take part in the tournament need to send a team of experts to fully understand different risks that affect wellbeing of their players during training and when playing in different stadiums.
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