Role Of The IT In The Healthcare Industry

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Role Of The IT In The Healthcare Industry

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Role Of The IT In The Healthcare Industry

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Discuss the roles of the IT in the healthcare industry. 
In this paper, a health care organization is selected for describing the impact of IT industry. Ramsay health care is a hospital and a health care center in Australia. It was established in Sydney in 1964. This industry specializes in the rehabilitation and surgery and many other services. In this report, a business report is explaining according to the use of IT in this health care industry. The use, risk-benefit of IT in health care industry will describe in this report. Ramsay is a private healthcare in Australia that is providing a wide range of medical services. Ramsay Healthcare Center is the largest private medical service provider in Australia (Berwick & Hackbarth, 2012). Here, the impact and benefits of IT industry in health care industry is describing on the basis of the annual business report of the Ramsay health care hospital. IT is the information technology that is totally related to the e-commerce. To access healthcare facility using the IT channel such as Internet comes under the IT industry. A detailed description of all the roles of IT industry in the healthcare industry is discussing in this paper. To access the hospital services using software is the term of its industry.
Needs of IT in healthcare industry (Ramsay Healthcare):
The use of IT plays a vital role in health care industry. A healthcare industry is experiencing a steady and stable transformation all over the world. Information technology plays the most important role to fulfill the every aspect of the healthcare value chain in Ramsay healthcare center. It industry are fulfilling all of the aspects of healthcare by ensuring advanced technologies and software (Daniels, 2015).  It reduces the cost of the services provided to the patients and also reduces the provision of the healthcare and provides the services at pocket-friendly prices. It is very helpful for Ramsay Healthcare for the increasing penetrating in the healthcare services delivery in Australia as well as all over the world. IT is also helpful to increase the healthcare awareness among the people.
Information technology is increasing penetrates the healthcare industry. According to the survey report of Ramsay Healthcare hospital, the team of doctors such as physician, surgeon and patients is experiencing the advantages of the on-demand access to the medical services. The needs of the information technology depend on where, how and when the medical services is demanded. Ramez Shehadi stated that Booz & Company Principal is leading the strategies of information technology in Australia (Shortliffe & Cimino, 2013). Managing the information flow within the healthcare organization has become the differentiator among the healthcare providers. IT makes enable the provider to improve the quality of the patient care. IT provides the software that supports the core medical process. Sitting standard is also a key factor that provides the best use of all new hardware and software available to the healthcare providers. It is useful to know about how medical information can be stored and communicated. IT use provides the best care to the patient and reduces the complexity (Sharan et al., 2016).
Importance of IT in healthcare business survival:
IT is very necessary for the survival of the business in any industry as well as for the survival of healthcare industry. There is much software in the market which assists the healthcare services. In Ramsay Healthcare hospital, there is an online website. If the business is involved in online business then it improves the turnover of the business. A customer can take appointment for the treatment online (Marubashi et al., 2014). It reduces the cost of traveling to go to take the appointment. The patients can get aware of the services provided in Ramsay healthcare and they can get treated by the best doctor. Online booking is the most important facility which is provided by the IT industry. The second thing is that promotion is very necessary to setup any business. To increase the setup of the Ramsay healthcare, promotion of the hospital services and facilities is very necessary.
The best promotion can be made through information technology. Mostly, healthcare industry failed because they do not make the booking a priority. If, an online advertisement is showing then it is the best channel to make promotion of our products and services.  Information technology is the study which makes easy the use of systems for storing the patient records and the other data. By using the information technology, the record of data can be easily retrieved (Turaga et al., 2012).  It includes the hardware, software and the other applications. By using the information technology, a health care services and business have the ability to change the views among the patients far faster than usually do. They use the medical software that helps the patients to get their job done. Few clicks on the website help the patients to make the booking for the treatment that request sends to the hospital by information technology. 
Requirements for the IT into healthcare Industry:
Cost is the important factor which is required to apply IT in healthcare industry. There is need of some amount to invest to purchase the software. But information technology reduces the cost of treatment. Planning is also an important factor to apply. What is the need, according to the need, information technology is adopted according to the need? Designing and the proper equipment also needs to apply for information technology. Installation of the software is very important factor for running any software (Burns, 2012). Training to provide access over the software is must. A training program for the staff to maintain the daily records of the patients is necessary.
Use of the IT in healthcare industry:
Ramsay health care industry is a private hospital in Australia that provides various facilities and services to the patients. Ramsay hospital provides the weight loss surgery, hip and knee replace and many other surgeries. Information technology provides various softwares which provide the user interface to doctors to access the medical devices. There is a lot of use of information technology in healthcare industry. As, the operation in the internal body parts makes successful by the use of information technology (Gonzalez et al., 2013). Information technology is also useful for maintain the booking appointment records and many other records. It is also used for the interaction between patients and doctors through cell phones. Information technology reduces the complexity to maintain the hardware. Information technology is also used for online booking appointments and it is useful to increase the annual turnover of the healthcare center. It is used for the communication by email that is faster way to exchange the information than sending the paper letter in the mail. Information technology reduces the use of the staff and reduces the work of the employees.
Information technology is helpful to increase the number of the customers as patients in the hospital. As, the patients read the review and on the post of promotion of the hospital. It attracts the patients and the number of the customers increases with information technology.
Benefits and advantages do IT bring to business:
According to the business report of Ramsay healthcare, information technology enables the hospital staff to store the information of the patients confidentially. Information technology is useful to develop electronic storage system that is very helpful to protect the record of the healthcare center. According to the Graziadio Business Report that is published by Pepperdine University, information technology is helpful to maintain the patient’s file that is vital to healthcare industry integrity. Information technology is helpful to increase the revenue of the hospital by promoting the services provided in this hospital.
In today’s world, people don’t have so much time and they want to do more work in the short span of time. Information technology improves the hospital efficiency by developing automated processes to reduce the burden of the hospital staff . It reduces the cost of the treatment.
Communication is very essential to the healthcare industry, efficient resources for the effective and quick communication is given by the information technology. The staff and the patients can be hooked by IT department by sending the e-mails.
IT provides the device for biometric login. So, there is no need to maintain a register for the entry of the hospital employees. The staff can be logged in by using bio-matrix login machine.
The data of the staff and patients can be maintained securely by using information technology. It reduces the cost of maintaining the record in hardware. 
Risk of IT in healthcare industry:
The healthcare providers of the Ramsay Healthcare implemented web-based doctors such as physicians and patients portals to allow the transparency in Ramsay healthcare’s clinical and financial data.  The portal of physician can be used for various purposes such as to see the reviews, view the laboratory, completing charts and all the medical electronic records. In the same way, patients’ portal also can be used for providing the access to the patient’s report, payment information and the time of the appointment. But if that web application is not coded confidentially and securely then the privacy can be exploited. An unauthenticated user can access the sensitive information and can exploit that using the internet (Sadgrove, 2015).
Some medical devices such as monitors or IV pumps are connected with the organization’s IT network. There is risk to coordinate with the medical devices and off-the-shelf operating system. In this hospital, systems are designed to use wireless networks that help to capture the information. But the wireless network is not properly secured; it can be used as a launching point for attack on the hospital’s internal systems. There is risk of confidentiality, integrity and availability of the patient information (Jenkinson et al., 2013). The information exchanged over an IT channel can lose its confidentiality and the privacy. The unauthorized user can access the information by hacking the site
Solution for managing and monitoring the IT in Ramsay Healthcare:
The most important assets in the healthcare industry are the record and it is very important to protect the data.  The correct problems can be identified before that negative impact in the healthcare organization. The engineers of IT departments will migrate the security issues before the exploitation of the sensitive data.
By analyzing protein and providing accuracy of the composition supports big data. Big data is generated by device o device interaction. The solution for maintaining and monitoring the information technology is collected and analyze the data. By the using remote monitoring technology of the data, a healthcare industry will monitor the information technology. The notifications will post to the website of the hospital. The status of the doctors has updated in every 10 seconds so that the patients can schedule their appointment easily according to the time availability (Javorcik, 2014). The administration of the hospital uses to update the log files every hour. The record of the patients can be stored easily and the data of the hospital can be stored easily. It reduces the cost to maintain the hardware.
Information technology can be a game-changer for this health care industry. It is helpful to transform this healthcare industry by increasing efficiency. It is a question that the worldwide healthcare service provider hospital seeks to answer. As the leader in healthcare, this health care center invested a lot of money in using information technology in healthcare for innovation and be the standard for the other healthcare industries to follow (H’ng & Yazdanifard, 2015). By using the information technology, the staff of the healthcare industry can obtain an unpredictable level of the real time and critical data. 
In this report, the roles of the IT in the healthcare industry are discussed above. In short, it can be said that the information technology plays a vital role in the healthcare industry but it has some negative impacts also. IT is helpful to maintain the patient’s records in Ramsay healthcare center. It reduces the complexity to store the information in hardware form. But sometimes unauthenticated user can access the information, so in the terms of security of information, it has some negative impacts. But information technology improves the revenue and flexibility of this healthcare center. So, in short, it can be said that information technology is the most important factor for the health care industry as well as for other business.  
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