Role Of The Project Manager In Commercial Negotiation

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Role Of The Project Manager In Commercial Negotiation

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Role Of The Project Manager In Commercial Negotiation

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Discuss about the methods of project negotiation, conflict management, and stakeholder engagement across projects consisting of differing technology standards and asset lifecycles.

Introduction and summary of the discussion:
The objective of project portfolio is to connect business strategy with project deployment. The primary role has been projected request management, risk management, reducing and identifying inefficiencies. It has also included change management, tracking business value of various projects and many more.
As the following ideas are implemented, it helps in improving project management methods, reduces project failures and develops customer satisfaction. In essence, the study would assure every ongoing and ongoing project to meet strategic aims and deliver optimal results.
Learning outcome 1: Commercial Planning and Commercial Projects
Summary: The commercial project managers help in coordinating efforts of various team members included in projects. Here, the managers have been working in different industries and are involved with designers, engineers and technicians. Though the responsibilities and roles of commercial project managers might vary, depending on the scope of the project, the position is reasonably standardized with a set of core values (Stock, Bourne and Hussey 2017). Any commercial design and planning assure the utmost customer satisfaction. As it comes to industrial design the best technology has been the state-of-the-art designs with appealing interiors and aesthetics. Fast compilations of project owing to professional expertise assure quick turnarounds.
The following study has described operating of complex and diverse governments and non-government projects with contractual arrangements related to the range of managed services, build agreements and ICT. It has differentiated various processes of conflict management, stakeholder engagements, project negotiations around projects comprising of multiple technology standards and resource lifecycles (Pemberton and Searle 2016). Here numerous methods are applied and explained to identify and reconcile conflicting and inconsistent objectives that help in developing, maintaining, managing relationships and communication with key stakeholders. It has explained various outcomes of project delays, changes to planned activities and disruptions and methods to claim variations, liquidated damages, arbitration and contract entitlements. It has also analyzed project management tools avoiding or providing resolutions through negotiated solutions.
Evidence: At “8 Chifley Square” by “Lippmann Partnership/Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners,” Australia, the commercial project managers has been directly controlling or supervising the accounting (Skyscrapercenter.com, 2018). They have been working close to marketing, accounting and sales departments. The roles have been including the assessment of prepared budgets, creating suggestions on various cost-cutting processes and sending multiple periodic status reports.
Learning outcome 2: Theory of Negotiation and Negotiation in Practice
Summary: At this rising globalized world, the making of policies has been a matter of regional and national along with international importance. It can be argued that policy formation related to international agreements must consider account broader issues of public welfare, local subsistence, natural resources economies for jeopardizing poverty reduction prospects and compromise developments of developing nations (de Jager and Brown 2016). Here, they have been avoiding the rise of domestic conflicts. The negotiation is of a core component of national policy-making procedures, exploring options, securing needed support and seeking solutions. Further, the study has been helpful to apply methods to reconcile and identify inconsistent and conflicting drivers and objectives developing, maintain and managing communications and relationships with primary stakeholders (Slaughter 2016).
It has explained the outcomes of project delays, disruptions and changes to various planned methods and activities to claim liquidated damages, variations, contract entitlements and arbitrations. Further, it has evaluated project management techniques for avoiding and providing conflict resolutions through negotiated solutions.
Evidence: The WharfBrisbane of Queen has been attracting new visitors and investments since it has been reconnecting the activities of Brisbane that has been defining various parts such as Botanic Gardens. At the end the negotiation is the process has been approached in multiple ways. No matter what strategy is chosen, the success lies how well the business prepared (Fa 2017).  Here the key to negotiating the beneficial outcome is the ability of negotiators for considering every element of situations carefully and recognize and think through those options.
Learning outcome 3: The Role of the Project Manager in Commercial Negotiation
Summary: The study ahs distinguished processes of conflict controls, project negotiations and explained various means of differing technology standards and resource lifecycles. It is applicable to various means to reconcile and identify conflicting and inconsistent objectives. Further, it has helped in understanding various techniques to be undertaken by project managers regarding commercial negotiations (Lohmann and Trischler 2017).  
Evidence: At the Brisbane Airport Redevelopments of Brisbane Airport Australia, the project managers have been involved in identifying investment opportunities. Their managers with high negotiation skills have been helping companies to secure valuable deals with contractors. Due to improper management of business projects, it has lead to cost and time extensions that have been unplanned for commercial project managers having strong financial management skills. Then there must be the management of costs due to improper management of business project leading to time and extensions of expenses (Pemberton and Searle 2016). This has been unplanned for the project managers having string economic management skills. Next, they have been maintaining compliances. As Brisbane Airport Redevelopments has been developing rental properties, the commercial managers have been enduring the firm adhering to state-specific labor laws regulating the employment of workers with minimum wages and payment of fees.
Learning outcome 4: Managing Stakeholders’ Commercial Interests vs. Stakeholders’ Political Interests.
Summary: The study has been helpful to understand stakeholder mapping where early in a project, stakeholder analysis is to be conducted for recognizing the stakeholders. They have been examining and identifying primary factors including proximity to projects, demographics project interest, concerns and needs and expectations of plans and prior public statements (de Jager and Brown 2016). Here, the influence is the key. It has been included the various understanding levels of controls allowing to predict how a stakeholder has been interacting directly to project teams and others. Next, the triggers are identified where the stakeholders have been responding in various ways to various project actions. Besides, they have been mitigation measures and identifying triggers such that one can avoid the preventable complaints (Brown 2016). Commonly it takes place as there are any stakeholder experience changes to the environment or expectations of business and behavior causing reactions. Moreover, there has been finding of opportunities from the perspective of risk management that has been tempting to focus on the stakeholders disrupting projects. Then there are proactive mitigations where there is a keen understanding of stakeholders influencing and triggering the following steps to construct the plan of reductions.
Evidence: Here, the instance of Howard Smith Wharves can be taken. Here, the project is intended to respect the heritage of the area and incorporate the heritage-listed buildings to redevelopments. This project is designed to recognize the culture of the area including the structures based on heritages towards reconstructions (Cooper 2015). Here, the parkland has been helping the cycle and pedestrian connection across the site to connect the city center of Riverwalk at the New Farm.
Learning Outcomes 5: Communicating in Commercial Negotiation vs. Project Communication:
Summary: The study has been helpful to understand that there is effective communication that has been directly proportional to effective negotiation. Here, better communication is needed. That is more effective than the talks. The study helped in understanding that discussion is the exchange of ideas, opinions and thoughts with others. Businesses require providing outstanding skills of communications for active healthy and healthy debate. The interface is the art and companies must master that to excel in every type of negotiations (Hall 2017). The efficient communication has been vital in salary negotiations. The salary expectations must be done in front of the recruiter. Moreover, it is also understood that any effective communication has been of primary significance in dealings of businesses. Here, the various terms and conditions must be mentioned for useful transparency. Further, they must never try to hide anything from second parties. This it has been smarter to depend on written communication modes for better reliability. Corporate terminologies must be used with professional jargons and irreverent standard statements must not be used. This is regarded to be most unprofessional.
Evidence: For example, the Brisbane Live can refer to here. It has been showcasing concerts of international superstars and various performances like sporting events. Moreover, there are multiple power plays used for negotiating strategies affecting efficient communication during an exchange (de Jager and Brown 2016).
Learning outcome 6: Commercial Conflict Resolution
Summary: The study has been helpful to understand the cause and effects of conflicts of primary to professional and personal success. This speed of business in projects has been accelerating; the supply chains have been becoming accelerating. Here, the supply chains turn out to be longer and complexes, the relationships get more intertwined, and the expectations turn out to be more challenging. This leads to a rising in opportunities for conflicting (Pemberton and Searle 2016). Here, the conflict rises as the parties consider various competing options, reactions and action courses for satisfying the specific situation or event as the involved parties perceive the threats to the concerns, interests and needs. Here, they have been effectively dealing with people, eliciting the corporations and solving conflicts that are vital to the success of constriction projects (Fleisher and Bensoussan 2015). Further various processes of conflict management, stakeholders engagements and conflict management around has comprised of multiple technology standards and resource lifecycles. Moreover, there are applications and explanations of methods to identify and reconcile inconsistent and different conflicting conflicts. This has been driving the development, maintaining, managing of relationships and various kinds of communications of primary stakeholders. Further, the study has explained different outcomes of project delays, disruptions and changes towards planned activities. It has also included methods to claim variations, liquidated damages, contract entitlements and various arbitrations (de Jager and Brown 2016). Lastly, the research has demonstrated multiple tools of project management helping to avoid or suggest conflict resolutions through different negotiated solutions.
Evidence: At the construction situation of Sportscraft, Australia, the production has been including trump protections. This has been creating conditions where people are trying to assure safe operation has been facing people liable for producing risks, increasing probabilities of injuries while doing the tasks (Deveugele 2015).
Learning outcome 7:  Disputes, Claims, Variations, and Arbitration.
Summary: This has been used to differentiate different processes of negotiations of projects, engagements of stakeholders and management of conflicts across different projects consisting of varying resource lifecycles and technology standards (de Jager and Brown 2016). Moreover, various methods are required to be applied and then explained for reconciling and recognize the inconsistent and conflicting aims. Also, different ways are applicable and explained for identifying and combining the conflicting and contradictory objectives. They are driven to develop, manage and control various communications and relationships with the primary stakeholders (Deveugele 2015). Further, the research has recognized multiple results of project delays, changes to planned activities, disruptions to claim variations, liquidated harms and contract entitlements. Moreover, the project management tools have been analyzed to avoid and provide various conflict resolutions around different negotiated solutions.
Evidence: Australia’s response to Brisbane Live has been New York’s Madison Square Garden at New York City, as a world class arena showcasing international superstar concerts and performances as world sporting events. The dispute resolutions services have been including direct to contracts, sub-contractors and clients and from legal representations (Grant 2016). Having the focus on a provision of different independent quantum reports with review of contract changes, analysis, claims of support and preparation is done.
Learning outcome 8: Commercial Negotiation in Government vs. Private Organizations:
Summary: Because of high complexities of the current business scenarios, the elements of negotiations have been a constant process. This has to govern the deploying of proprietary processes and technologies and guarding different IP rights (de Jager and Brown 2016). The study has been helpful to understand the results of commercial negotiations that are complex to analyze. This has affected various effects of long-term and short-term buyer-seller relationships and negotiator’s organizational and personal developments. Thus there is the need to recognize, understand and create commercial negotiation skills. This is explored through various perspectives and processes (Bryman and Bell 2015). This has also included respective bargaining and objectives of individual parties. This has also added the necessities to plan, found means and here the commercial negotiation is detailed. This typology of tools of persuasion is analyzed in the study and is further explained.
Evidence: Here the project of Home of Renewables or NSW can be considered. Here, Western NSW has turned out to be the renewable energy farms for the future years having projects originating every time. Here, the negotiation has included various acts required to solve different types of disputes. This is done through conducting multiple consultations taking place between various involved parties for reaching consensus (de Jager and Brown 2016). Here, negotiations have been taking place at any time under the life cycle of project management. This has been either formal or . Here, the official talks have included problems that have been agreeing with various contracts. On the other hand, the information negotiations have included multiple discussions for resolving a conflict between multiple team members.
Learning outcome 9: Applying Project Management Standards and Frameworks:
Summary: The study has been helpful to understand the scalable project delivery system has been providing various benefits. It has been allowing every project around the enterprise to get evaluated as per as complexity and cost is concerned on the same basis. The study has been helpful to understand the steady way to find out the proper level of project managers (Deveugele 2015). For instance, it has enabled the project managers of the department t get evaluated for the opportunity of the project in another. Further, it has provided the standard requirements and languages eradicating the translation problem. This has suggested guidelines at a proper level of the rigor of project management. It has ensured around the overall enterprises that small projects have not been overly burdened with perquisites and the more extensive plans getting rigor needed for success (Stock, Bourne and Hussey 2017).
Evidence: Here, for example, the networked service society developing the joint research abilities with ERCIS partners in Australia can be considered. Here the prosperity of Australia has been rousingly based on delivering the highly developed services. The project has implemented the scale of proper project delivery system. They have been integrating enterprise gate or stage model with Australia’s financial governance (Jackson 2014). They have been balancing the enterprise and department governance of the project management. Besides, they have been continuously training and engaging the community.
Learning outcome 10: Contractual Arrangements in Commercial Projects
Summary: The study has described various operations regarding complex and diverse government and non-government project contractual arrangements that are related to wide range of managed services, building agreements and ICTs. It has analyzed various common arguments through logic, persuasions and influencing factors that are mainly applied to conflicting and competing stakeholder agendas. Then there are differentiating of methods of stakeholder engagements, conflict management and project negotiations around projects comprising of various technology standards and resource lifecycles (Stock, Bourne and Hussey 2017). Next, it has supplied and explained processes to reconcile and identify conflicting and inconsistent objectives and driving to develop, maintain and manage communications and relationships with primary stakeholders.
Evidence: The “Stockyard Hill Wind Farm” is the development of huge Stockyard Hill Wind Farm in Pyrenees Shire as the developers have secured the financial conditions for the project in the previous year. The project is helpful to understand how disruptions, changes to planned tasks and project delays have been taking place (Jones 2016).
Learning outcome 11: Argument; Logic; Ethics
Summary: The study has been helpful to investigate various common arguments through logic, persuasions and multiple factors of influences that are commonly for competing and conflicting stakeholder agendas. Moreover, it has differentiated numerous methods of stakeholder engagements, conflict management and project negotiations comprising of various technology standards and resource life-cycles (Stock, Bourne and Hussey 2017). Next, it has been helpful to make sense and deploy processes for recognizing and reconciling conflicting and inconsistent that develops, manages and communications with primary stakeholders.
Evidence: For example, the ring road at Australia has been listed at the top six priorities of Australia. This also stated that the city of Melbourne has been investing more in retail to control the 2.7 million individuals that the expected to live in the city by 2040. The infrastructure of Australia has recognized the rise of a capacity of the rail network of Melbourne as the highest priority for the following wave of investment of infrastructure at Victoria. However, even though East West Link has been earning spots, there has been yet to see plans working for the Victorians. Moreover, the labor government, ripped up the East West Link Contract at 2014 costing the taxpayers about 1 billion dollars. However, it has been seen that the population of the city has been rising and new freeways are needed. Here, the East West Link has been a part of that. Further, to Anders government paid about more than one billion dollars for not building that and has been wastage of money (Infrastructure and Regional Development, 2018). 
Conclusion and discussions:
The above study has shown that any successful project has needed constant management from creating the idea of the project to its finishing. Besides, no plan has existed without any aim and project portfolio management has been seeking to avoid those problems and help develop a more effective execution and approval process. This is done by comparing various suggested projects such that organizations have been considering a proper and realistic quantity of work. The above discussion is a comprehensive guideline towards project portfolio management. The study has highlighted how PPM tools have been helping to streamline and standardize the processes and delivery system to choose the toll best suiting the business. Moreover, the research has been providing the tips to maximize the success. The discussion has been helpful to raise the efficiently constantly. This is done through the deploying of metric-driven and reliable process for choosing what projects are needed to be adopted and along with its order
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