School Health Programs in K-12 Education Curriculum

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School Health Programs in K-12 Education Curriculum

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Subject: Pediatrics

Healthcare issues could be considered the major concern of the modern world. The fact is that the reconsideration of the system of values and the shifts of priorities towards the humanistic approach predetermine the increased importance of the issues that impact the quality of peoples lives and condition the further evolution of society. Under these conditions, children are given great attention as they are considered the main actors who impact the further evolution of a certain community. In these regards, school health issues obtain great significance as they should have the beneficial impact on children and promote their well-being. That is why the creation of a specialized school program should be given great attention.

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There are three types of programs that should be recommended as a part of a K-12 education curriculum. First, a school should be obliged to adhere to the three-component model that implied health education, health services, and health environment. These three stages should be given great attention as they create the basis for the efficient school functioning and preservation of children health. In other words, the main aim of all recommended programs is to guarantee protection for children and help them to recover in case they fall ill (Department of health and public services, n.d.). These three types of strategies could also be characterized by the increased level of attention given to all important health concerns. Besides, children should be provided with an opportunity to evolve comprehensively. That is why physical education is also an important part of the recommended curriculum that is focused on the improvement of children health. For this reason, there are three main points that should be considered. First, physical education curriculum should be focused on the development of childrens organisms to help them to evolve. Furthermore, there is also the great necessity to align the constant improvement of the childs state of health through physical exercises. Finally, there is the great necessity of the creation of the environment that will have the great beneficial impact on childrens health. Nevertheless, the importance of physical education becomes obvious in terms of the rise of the problem of obesity. Statistics show that third part of modern children might experience problems with extra weight (Introduction to school health programs, n.d.). Moreover, children from disadvantaged families belong to a certain risk group as they are subjected to problems with their body mass index. In this regard, it is crucial to introduce the needed amount of training to preserve children physical shape and protect them from obesity. Furthermore, the importance of physical education is also evidenced by the great need to alter the existing situation and introduce severe measures to monitor the alterations of BMI within a certain age group. One should realize the fact that the alteration of the traditional pattern in accordance with which a school functions will result in the appearance of new important concerns that should be considered. First, the reconsideration of financing will be an important issue related to the process. Furthermore, a nurse working in school should be explained the importance of new strategies and assisted in their implementation to schools functioning. Finally, the alteration of the curriculum will impact the schools work and introduce new and efficient practices. Altogether, the usage of the new strategies is crucial for schools reorganization and improvement of the health of children who study there. References Department of health and public services. (n.d.). Physical education curriculum analysis tool. Web.

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