Sir Gordon Wolstenholmes Obituary by Pearce Wright

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Sir Gordon Wolstenholme’s Obituary by Pearce Wright

Words: 346

Subject: Physiology

Pearce Wright wrote the article that talks about Sir Gordon Wolstenholme, who was a physician at the Ciba Foundation before his death. Even though the article is an obituary, it explains the contributions of the renowned physician in the field of medicine. The specialist worked with various organizations, both in government and private organizations. Wolstenholme started his career as an officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps in 1940. He served in the position until 1947 when he left the army to join the organization that he served until his death. While in the military, he saved many lives during the Second World War, particularly in 1944 when he was deployed in Italy to attend to the injured soldiers. Through Ciba, he ensured that all scientists converge yearly to discuss the main issues affecting all researchers in the world. For instance, he was quick to note that the conflicts between medical doctors and caregivers were harmful to the medical profession. Through his support, scientists came up with topics that needed further research, such as the issue of viruses and population control. When there was confusion in 1970 regarding genetic engineering, Wolstenholme intervened by urging all scientists to converge in order to iron out differences. He was appointed to head the organization in charge of medical research in the UK due to his medical prowess.

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Personal Opinion From the life history of the above scholar, it is true that researchers should be people who are committed and dedicated to their work. They should be willing to walk the extra mile to ensure that the interests of the profession are safeguarded. In the modern world, some researchers are self-centered implying that they are guided by self-interests. The story of Wolstenholme should encourage scholars in all professions to work together. Furthermore, the activities of an individual are never recognized when he or she is living. People come to notice the achievements of a person, particularly scholars when he or she dies. In society, people should learn to appreciate the activities of great men and women when they are alive. Works Cited Wright, Pearce. “Sir Gordon Wolstenholme.” The Lancet, vol. 364, 2004, p. 324.

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