Taking a Shower as a New Experience

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Taking a Shower as a New Experience

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I cannot imagine a day without taking a shower two times, before leaving a house and before going to bed. I cannot ignore this procedure because it is not only a healthy habit that improves the quality of life but a collection of amazing experiences and senses that fulfill the day. As well as many researchers, I consider a shower as a place where people clean their bodies and relax (Hoshino, Koge, Hachisu, Kodama, & Kajimoto, 2015). However, due to the existing entertainment opportunities like music or movies in the bathroom, people forget about a natural worth of taking a shower. Instead of focusing on technological details and advances, one should close eyes and feel how the water hits the body.

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Either it is an obligatory task imposed by parents or a personal desire provoked by physiological or psychological needs, taking a shower cannot be ignored. When a person does it consciously, new emotions occur. Instead of accepting it as a regular part of the day, I like to think about it as an opportunity to nullify myself. Privacy, silence, and the sound of drops touching my body create an impressive image of how true peace looks. There is no need to hurry, and there is enough time to massage the hair with a nice smelling shampoo. I should admit that a conscious decision to take a shower differs from my experiences when I do the same task unconsciously. These changes include the necessity to check the temperature of the water, the presence of bathroom subjects like a wisp or soap (gel), and even the purity of the place. I want everything to be perfect and the best emotions to be available. In other words, when I am mindful of my shower-taking, I never forget about the importance of control in my life. Unfortunately, when my mind continues working, the worth of taking a shower is diminished. Reference Hoshino, K., Koge, M., Hachisu, T., Kodama, R., & Kajimoto, H. (2015). Jorro beat: Shower tactile stimulation device in the bathroom. In Proceedings of the 33rd annual ACM conference extended abstracts on human factors in computing systems (pp. 1675-1680). Seoul, Republic of Korea: ACM.

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