The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses Organizational Culture and Values

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The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses Organizational Culture and Values

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Basic Information about AMSN AMSN means the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses. AMSN is a unique type of organization. Their primary specialty is medical-surgical nursing. AMSN focuses more on the practical component. They are the ones in this field. AMSN is engaged in narrowly focused practice in the medical field, namely medical-surgical nursing. Only this organization specifically focuses on representing the interests of medical-surgical nurses.

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AMSN Mission and Vision AMSN’s mission corresponds to its name. It is about improving medical-surgical skills. The vision of AMSN implies two ways. Use media channels to better patient care. Use practical action to better patient care. According to the official source, “the mission of AMSN is to promote excellence in medical-surgical nursing” (“AMSN Overview,” 2020, para. 4). To achieve this, they educate nurses on the theoretical and practical nuances of not only medical-surgical practice but also social communication. AMSN Core Values AMSN values related to patient care improvement. The improvement is possible with these factors: Continuous development of professional nursing skills. Implementation and focus on evidence-based practices. Unity of medical-surgical nurses in the media space. This organization believes that improving patient care is possible not only through the healthcare institution but also through the media field. It is due to “medical-surgical nursing is a distinct specialty with its own body of knowledge.” (“AMSN Overview,” 2020, para. 6). Other Fundamental Pillars of AMSN Values AMSN organization voices three more values. Their focus is on improving patient care. Leadership in the teams of medical institutions. Using all available resources for patient care. Creating and maintaining a healthy environment. Medical-surgical nurses must use all their skills, knowledge, and resources to provide comfort and care to patients. This requirement also applies to the medical community in which nurses interact.

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Leading Conflict Factors in Professional Practice Conflicts are a part of the workplace. There is three main conflict factor. It is a high-stress environment factor. Another factor is disorderly physician behavior. Misunderstanding in terms of job tasks. The three main conflict factors are interrelated things. Misunderstanding in terms of job tasks gives rise to disorderly physician behavior, which leads to a high-stress environment and finally, the conflict itself. How AMSN Values and Culture Influence Conflict Resolving AMSN has medical and social education. It means understanding one’s and others’ responsibilities. Medical-surgical nurses also have a leadership vision. It allows avoiding and resolving conflicts. Such a practical methodology is beneficial. A unique combination of knowledge in medical practice and social communication allows AMSN to influence the environment of medical staff. AMSN Workplace Conflict Resolving and Prevention Strategies AMSN also promotes workplace conflict resolution strategies. There are three commonly used strategies. The most common strategy is the compromising style. The second most frequent is accommodation. There is also a type of avoidance strategy. Researchers note that the prevention of conflict factors and the resolution of conflicts occurs through a compromise on both sides (Leveillee, 2018). If this is not possible, nurses resort to avoiding style AMSN Inter-professional Collaboration Strategies

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Nurses implement compromising styles for inter-professional collaboration. Another type of collaboration strategy is competition. The AMSN organization has its unique style. It is Compassion and Commitment strategy. It provides the best coordination of actions. Despite their narrow specialization, medical-surgical nurses need to communicate, interact, and collaborate with a variety of medical specialists. How AMSN Influence Organizational Outcomes through Medical-surgical Practice and Communication Practical education forms the following results. The evidence-based principle as a practice methodology The evidence-based principle as a research methodology. The evidence-based principle as knowledge methodology. Highly qualified specialists with medical-surgical nursing skills. AMSN education based on the evidence-based strategy successfully promotes the improvement of the medical skills of nurses. That is why this organization is a leader in its field. Socially-focused education forms the following results. AMSN specialists can promote workplace advocacy, can act as national leaders. AMSN specialists can act as national influencers. AMSN specialists successfully promote organizational health. The particular social focus of the AMSN organization teaches medical-surgical nurses to successfully represent themselves and the organization both in the medical team and in the media.

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Health Promotion through AMSN Compassion and Commitment Strategy Compassion and Commitment Strategy promotes professional compassion and commitment. These developed qualities influence professional practice. Medical-surgical nurses understand their responsibility to society. Through unique social skills, they promote health. The unique strategy of the AMSN organization develops and improves the most important personal and professional qualities for nurses. Disease Prevention through AMSN Compassion and Commitment Strategy Compassion and Commitment Strategy promotes professional passion and challenge. These developed qualities also influence professional practice. Nurses see opportunities to preserve community health. Through medical-surgical social skills, they prevent diseases. In addition to health promotion, Compassion and Commitment strategy also teaches nurses to see the whole picture of the relationship between the health care institution and community health. Nurses take adequate preventive measures through medical and professional skills (“Medical-Surgical Nursing,” 2020). References AMSN Overview. (2020). Web. Leveillee, M. G. (2018). Exploration of conflict management styles used by medical-surgical nurses. Web. Medical-Surgical Nursing. (2020). Web.

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