The Interprofessional Collaboration for the Future of Nursing

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The Interprofessional Collaboration for the Future of Nursing

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Subject: Nursing

Despite its long and complicated history, it may be said that the profession of a nurse in many aspects is only taking shape nowadays. The process of formation of a body of knowledge peculiar only to nursing and not borrowed from other sciences is helpful in discerning nursing from other medical branches. The theory of nursing is essential for the development of models on which the future of this medical branch will be built. In this way, the preparation of researchers within the sphere who would possess the necessary leadership and scholar qualities is another critical element of the process.

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The future of nursing, where a more collaborative approach is taken to the decision-making, and nurses, prompted to continue their education and obtain doctoral degrees, would be fruitful for the more extensive progress in medicine. Clear communication and coordination between all the medical personnel involved in a patient’s treatment require life-long learning, and especially it is evident in today’s healthcare environment, where everything is able to change rapidly. Nursing does not compete with different fields of medical activity – it has sufficient potential to be on a par. The interaction between nurses and other healthcare professionals is continuously evolving and potentially will reach a qualitatively different stage in the future. Moreover, patients begin to be more involved in decision-making matters related to their health and well-being. The role of nurses is expanding, and their place in communication, almost as an intermediary, between the patients and doctors, requires the development of strategies for interprofessional collaboration. One of the recommendations provided by the IOM committee is the promotion of interprofessional learning for nurses (Gooch, 2015). The ever-changing and continually developing characteristics of the field accentuate the need for sustained education both in nursing and in the interdisciplinary sphere. For instance, participation in the training of various departments could be helpful for nurses in gaining a more profound understanding of the challenges that other medical professionals may face (Souza et al., 2016). Another way to promote interprofessional collaboration is multidisciplinary rounds as they ensure that effective communication takes place, and every professional shares the same vision in regards to a patient’s treatment (Souza et al., 2016). Further incorporation of an interdisciplinary approach to education and interprofessional training seems as prominent steps to create the future of nursing that would be in accordance with the IOM committee recommendations. It has been noted that nursing students may not possess the strongest sense of identity regarding their career path (Hamilton, 2017). Forming a strong sense of professional unity and increasing motivation among nursing students seems like another essential step to secure the well‑being and the desire for career development among these medical workers (Hamilton, 2017). For instance, this could be achieved by increasing the number of hours dedicated to the history of nursing, its ethics, and philosophy. Exploring the social context and the roots of the profession could help students gain more integrity and increase their admiration for nursing that could potentially motivate them to participate in the development of the domain. The need to modernize nursing is motivated to an extent by the dynamicity of the field. The emphasis on teamwork, coordination, and interprofessional collaboration constitutes the approach in which nurses can make a significant contribution according to their knowledge and practical experience. Indeed, the profession of a nurse has a significant impact on healthcare in the country since providing high-quality and patient-oriented care is largely dependent on nurses. References Gooch, K. (2015). IOM committee releases 10 recommendations for the future of nursing. Becke’s Hospital Review. Web. Hamilton, D. (2017). New standards and framework will map out the future of nursing. British Journal of Nursing, 26(14), 832–832.

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Souza, G. C. de, Peduzzi, M., Silva, J. A. M. da, & Carvalho, B. G. (2016). Teamwork in nursing: restricted to nursing professionals or an interprofessional collaboration? Revista Da Escola de Enfermagem Da USP, 50(4), 642–649.

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