The Number of Falls Among Older People: Effect of STEADI

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The Number of Falls Among Older People: Effect of STEADI

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Subject: Geriatrics

The method that is chosen to investigate the effect of STEADI on the number of falls among older people is quantitative. It provides numerical data to which statistical analysis can be applied to discuss the issue. Such an approach will contribute to gaining the necessary volume of information. The obtained objective facts will make it possible to provide an in-depth analysis of the problem. Keeping in mind that a few articles focusing on education in caregivers were identified, the quantitative method might be the most appropriate decision.

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It will allow concentrating on unbiased statistical data, which is an essential part of the research process. Then, the primary advantage of the quantitative method is the ability to compare data on formalized tools using statistical analysis. According to the results of applying this method, various parameters and elements can be compared with each other and make rational conclusions and proposals. It should be mentioned that the comparison of data provided by two groups, one of which will be affected by STEADI educational intervention, and another will not, will be the central point of the work. Hence, the quantitative method might be the best option to implement into the study as it will give numerical data to which statistical analysis can be applied. The research methodology will be based on an explicit model, which will result in accurate quantitative values of the studied indicators. Then, the coverage of a large number of research objects will be required. It will be necessary to obtain and analyze the sum of falls and near-falls of 100 patients who are 65 years and older, which might be considered as a substantial amount of data. Then, the distinction in this sum of falls in the mentioned groups will be examined for statistical value via the substantive t-test, which might be considered an appropriate one for the chosen research design. Design The design of this study will be of an experimental character that results from the randomized controlled trial (RCT) approach. RCT might be defined as a clinical study in which patients are randomly assigned to treatment groups and have the same opportunity to receive a test or control drug. Hence, it may be the most accurate way to identify causal relationships between STEADY and the outcome of its effect, as well as determine the cost-effectiveness of fall-avoiding education. Such an assumption comes from the fact that RCT might be a significant pattern to provide the foundation for a remarkable comparison analysis. The following actions will be the crucial elements of the design of this research. Due to the fact that the place of the investigation is an outpatient clinic, the number of self-reports will be utilized. All the participants will be asked to report on all the falls or near-falls, as well as to fix the date of such occasions. It should also be noticed that demographic data will not be required as it will be essential only during the recruitment of participants. Then, the ones who will be proposed to take part in the study will be patients from a small Miami-based clinic who have a high risk of falling (the cases of collapsing). As mentioned, the needed information on falls and near-falls will be collected via the reports. It will be checked by using the quantitative method described above, which will contribute to a coherent and concise research process.

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