The Role Of Environmental Management

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The Role Of Environmental Management

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The Role Of Environmental Management

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Discuss about the Critical Literature Review: The Role Of Environmental Project Management In Construction Industry.

Since a considerable time period innovation in the construction industry has become a very popular topic for detail analysis. While analyzing the details it has been found that in construction industry environmental project management gives identifiable impact which may be either positive or negative as well.  However, in these days the range of both efficiency and productivity is highest in the construction industry and thus lesser amount of innovation are being blamed (Kerzner and Kerzner 2017).   This literature review demonstrates the current status of construction innovation and the role of the environmental project management specifically in the construction industry.  Besides identification of the roles some risks are also being specified and with the risk management matrix how those risks can be resolved are also elaborated in this literature review.  
Examining the theoretical perspectives to analyze the role of environment management in construction industry
According to (Walker 2015) the strategic environmental management system is included within construction industry while transforming products as well as processes that the employees of the construction industry believe a serious environmental concerned society.  It has been found that in most of the times the construction industry itself impacts the environment. The prevailing nature of the construction industry is dependent upon the innovation with references for enabling and disabling factors.  Again according to (Mir and Pinnington 2014 ) the overall performance of the construction industry gets improves if proper stakeholders and other environmental factors are properly utilized by the project heads of the construction industry.
(de Carvalho et al. 2015) stated that based upon the environmental indicators the connection between performance requirements and technical solution for resolving the issues can be established. Construction industry has the most impact on nature and nature collectively. In most of the cases it has injurious effects on the nature. On the other side, the construction technology can also be used as remedy to the environment and also to the natural state. However, (Mok, Shen and Yang 2015) opined that, one of the most significant ad quantifiable environmental impacts of the building sector is the emission of the energy consumption. Though, in this current state the main issues that is interrupting the success of the construction industry is temporary project organization and intensive site operation.
ISO 14001 certification        
After critical analysis it has been found that, the environmental impact mainly from the construction industry during both construction and reconstruction. The objectives of Environmental Management System (EMS) its implementation approach and the overall control of the system are also certified from the theoretical perspectives. An accurate environmental certification is also developed for examining the impact and role of EMS in the construction industry.
According to (Alias et al. 2014) the ISO 14001 certification was first published in the year of 1996 that specifies the actual need for the environmental management system. Besides the construction industry many other industries have the ability to adopt this certification. This certification can be applied to only those environmental aspects that the organization has proper control over and which on it are expected to have a compact influence on. In the series of ISO 14000, ISO 14001 is most of the cases seen as the corner stone (Osei-Kyei and Chan 2015).  Specific environmental performance criteria cannot be stated directly with this certification. The business units are certified according to ISO 14001 standard. After the very new acquisition they are needed to be certified accordingly within 2 years. The construction industries must have an Environmental Management System (EMS) that can conduct their internal audits.  In order to conduct external audits also very much helpful.  One of the most significant quantifiable impacts of building sector is the emission that occurs due to energy consumption. (Verzuh 2015) stated that in Finland the construction sector is responsible for almost half of the entire nation’s energy consumption. The rest of the environmental concerns are related to the burdens of the environment of construction industry (Buvik and Rolfsen 2015 The additional important building related challenges deals with the challenges that deal with building system service life. The construction industry faces both the environmental and sustainable issues. In order to manage these issues all the different constraints are to be considered in terms of cost, time and quality.   
Benefits of environmental project management
The benefits of environmental project management are elaborated in the below section:
Reduces the hazards:  From the construction industry different harmful chemicals and molecules emits, those hazards can be addressed through the environmental project management tools. Once the hazards will be identified their mitigation strategies can be also be applied.
Waste disposal: The wastes generated from the construction industry must have proper disposal location and based on the wastes the most accurate disposal location can be identified with the help of the environmental project management.  
Increase the safety concern: The safety concern among the workers and the employees of the construction industry increases with the help of environmental project management. In order to meet the project objectives, the environmental project management tools are applied by the constriction project managers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Implementation of Environmental project management system  
In order to implement the most suitable environmental project management system in the construction industries certain steps are to be followed by preparation, remediation, removal, reconstruction and take down of the job sites (Zhang et al. 2014).  In rest of the phases the other components that are to be followed include the control, maintenance, external as well as internal audits, upgradation and employee training etc. A solid waste stream which is profitable recycled or re used.  With the help of these steps the environmental project management can be successfully implemented in the construction industry.
Identification of significant aspects
This procedure is basically performed for the identification of the aspects regarding the environment and the activities of the organization so that the targets set by the organization can be achieved very easily. For the identification of the environment importance the job-site for the project and the activities that are to be performed for the project are recognized (Kassem et al. 2015). After the identification is done the EMS implementation are to be done which are to be cross-checked thoroughly before the continuation with the further procedures of the implementation. In addition to this, the following mentioned criteria are to be used for the checking of the main features of the project:

Probable human exposure to hazardous substance.
A waste stream which is solid is to be recycled or reused if possible.
Any situation that receives two or more complaints within a 30-day period.
The contaminated wastes are to be dumped in the garbage and the regular dumping of the trash is to be done so that the other materials are not contaminated with this waste.

With the involvement of the senior environmental management the safety engineer should be responsibly completing the task of environment safety and disposing the biomedical and the chemical hazards for the project that is being implemented. There is various type of tropical issues which are to be handled by the safety management officials. Additionally, there are extensive soil disruption and displacement that can hamper the project to great deal and hence, the regular management of the waste storage and disposal is to be done so that the project related hazards are taken care of efficiently (Eastman 2018). Additionally, Safety and health related environment programs are to be performed so that each of the significant environmental aspects are covered with within these programs and the issues are addressed accordingly. The programs include the definition for the objective of the project, the indicators for the measurement and evaluation of the project, which requires prior training and distribution of the roles and regulation for the staffs and the individuals associated with the projects. This used with an interception of the Construction plan of the project which would further able to provide a complete information cycle.
Risk assessment and identification of hazards
The procedures are conducted at various level and two levels of the Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification are provided here in this report. For the first level, the review for the internal management plan is to be done where the intimal management review and the identification of the hazards that might probably take place during the completion of the project. Each of the hazard in the project requires some generic management techniques to be applied for the disposal of the wastes and safeguarding the project from the related hazards. In addition to this the management team is expected to do a minimal activity so that the required level of hazard level is achieved by the project team (Azhar, Khalfan and Maqsood 2015). In addition to this, for the second part of the process the identification of the hazards would be further done and management of the same are to be done individually.
A Hazard Category worksheet is formed and once the worksheet and thee program for the worksheet is completed the Construction plans are to be assembled for each of the activity regarding the constructions of the project at the job-site. This contains a huge magnitude of information including the aspects of the environment which are not negligible and risk assessment for each of the activities in the project individually. The main scope for this, involves the breaking of the important activities of the project into further sub-activities and making a thorough analysis of each of the process of the project. Many type of triggers are used for the identification and control of the activity that involves the risks in the projects. The triggers are generally defined as the piece of equipment’s or tools that would help in the project and identification of the tools that would fall within the scope of the work for the management and are to utilized at point of implementation of the project. After the identification of the hazards and the risks for the procedures have been identified the risk level are allocated for the tasks which would help in the creation of the risk matrix for the team (Silvius and Shipper 2014). In the risk matrix system, the identification of the initial risk levels is done and the levels contains majorly four level with respect to the likelihood of the risk for the project. The four major level of risk that are considered in a risk matrix are:

Not Likely
Very Likely

Reducing the environment risks
After the significant environmental aspects are done with and documented the severity of any type of risk for any type of activity are identified and the assessment of the activities are done based on their merits and make use of some control measures that would help the management team in reduction of the risks which are associated with the project. The program that is corresponding to the trigger should be used for the primary tool for the control measure for the particular risk if the particular type of activity (Garza-Reyes 2015). The paper has been used for the description of the waste reduction techniques and handling of the hazardous wastes and has been discussed in the context of the entire process of handling the waste materials and general waste management techniques can be incorporated easily with this type of risk reducing techniques. Additionally, for making the procedures easier the waste handling technique can be divided into various sectors and the wastes can be managed accordingly for that particular sector for that particular risk type involving distinct methods and techniques.
From the overall discussion it can be concluded that performance and different economies act as the indictors not only in the construction industry but also in all other industries. Through these applications the future consequences can even be also identified accordingly.  The building level indicators are extended for meeting the city or the community level indicators those are widely used (for representing the social sustainability) massive arguments have been developed to reach the environmental objectives which is differ.
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