Using Social Network In Business Organisation

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Using Social Network In Business Organisation

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Using Social Network In Business Organisation

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Discuss about the Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using The Social Network In Business In Sydney.


Many scholars have given different definitions to the term social network, since its invention in the 1990s (Edosomwan et al. 2011). In this project social network has been defined as are web-based services that enable people and businesses to create a profile both public and semi-public, share a connection with individuals they are comfortable with as well as view what others are doing on the same network. There are over 60 Social networks as ofJune 1, 2018, in existence today. These networks include but not limited to Instagram, facebook, twitter, skype, palmchat, WhatsApp, Tumblr, QZone, YouTube,  WeChat, Google, BaiduTieba, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Today, businesses are using social networking to increase the visibility of their brand, develop and increase their relationship with their customers and influencers (Edosomwan et al. 2011). In Sydney, business influences customers on social media through singling on their services only, responding to questions and complaints, among other ways.
This project aims at finding the reasons why social networking is important to business and possible disadvantages that may accrue from using social networking (Taylor, Wells, Howell, and Raphael, 2012). Social media has replaced traditional methods of marketing such as advertising and direct mail to connect positively with the influencers and the consumers (Stephen, and Galak, 2012). To understand the social network, businesses should think of social media in two ways. First, social network participation meaning businesses are on social networking and can constantly deliver value to an online community (Stephen, and Galak, 2012). Secondly, creation and distribution of original content that entertains educate, inform and empower while attracting the right people to your brand (Taylor, Wells, Howell, and Raphael, 2012).
An article by SocialMediaNews.com.au derived from January 2018 Social Media Statistics Australia show that, social media users in Australia are among the most active and frequent in social networks across the globe(Taylor, Wells, Howell, and Raphael, 2012). This is because Facebook alone account for close to 60% of users among the county’s population and 50 of the country populace log in at least once a day. Facebook accounts for the largest number of subscribers in the world with 2.1 billion monthly users and an increase of 500 million new users in the past 2 years.
Research objectives
This project tries to identify and deeply understand how business organizations in Sydney use social media to influence the consumer purchasing behavior and whether this may increase smooth flow of services and product of the business. The main objectives of this research includes as listed below:

To determine the extent at which businesses in Sydney use the social network
To find out whether social network has a negative or positive impact on businesses in Sydney or not
To identify the most common social network(s)used by business organizations in Sydney

The scope of the project
The scope of this study will involve identifying the most popular social networking sites in Sydney and discuss its impact on the business world both positive and negative. The study will use secondary available data from reliable internet sources such like online books, journals, magazines, etc. from world known authors and experts in social media networks. The paper looks at the flexibility of the Social Network Sites and determines its implications and implementation on different organizations.
Literature review
According to 2018, Social Media Statistics Facebook is the leading social network site in Australia will close to 15,000,000 monthly active users, YouTube coming second with active visitors at the same rate of 15,000,000(Miller, and Tucker, 2013). Those who are actively using Instagram in Australia accounts for 9,000,000 monthly Word press follows with 5,700,000WhatsApp with 5,000,000 active Australian users and approximately 4,200,000 linked in active users. The other most popular social network Australia is Snapchat with approximately 4,000,000 daily active Snapchat users according to Snapchat data. The other social network sites have less than 4,000,000 monthly active users.
According to Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock Australians are approximately 24.6 million. Facebook own data show that there are 15 million active Facebook Australian users. This accounts for 60% of the total Australian population Facebook active users (Miller, and Tucker, 2013).
According to Kaylie Smith, a Facebook new head of Small Medium-sized Businesses for New Zealand and Australia, Facebook has enabled a different kind of commerce, for small Australian business to connect with global markets(Saldanha, and Krishnan, 2012).Smith states that, although they are not giving the exact number of small Australian businesses using Facebook platform, there are over 210 million people connected to Australian small Medium-sized businesses across the globe through the platform. “We are enabling a different kind of commerce, enabling Australian small businesses to connect with markets globally.” These statistics show that Australia is a really a rich small business market(Chu, and Kim, 2011). Smith states that, Facebook is in the process of introducing new tools that will make it easy for businesses to grow and get new clients in all parts of the world. One major of these tools will be dynamic language optimization that will enable business to place multiple languages within one ad where after Facebook will enable to match the right language to the target customer (Meske, and Stieglitz, 2013). Smith further state that, Facebook is focused to “Pay to Play” but not limited to the organicreach of business pages to boost the use of paid content on Facebook (Rosenkrans, 2009). Examples of businesses that has seen positive impact of using Facebook is Falcon (Ugander, Karrer, Backstrom and Marlow, 2011). She says that, Pay to Play applies you want to promote or sell or grow your business (Meske, and Stieglitz, 2013).
Advantages of Social Networking in Business
The most important use of social networking is revenue generation. Advertising of products and building a community across social network platform increase revenue collection for the businesses (Harik, Google Inc, 2013).
Social media helps in brand development and enables customers to connect with your brand on a personal level as well as creating an opportunity to give your business a voice and further develop its brand for already established businesses (Correa,Hinsley and De Zuniga, 2010).
Social media provides with a good platform for attracting both prospective and existing customers. This is achieved through social media campaign that aims at attracting customers through promotions and giveaways (Mangold, and Faulds, 2009). Until you attain the good number of followers you, you will need to get to more personalized campaigns that will keep customers with you.
Many businesses only use social networking for research mostly to know what their competitors are doing in this or that platform or just getting information on what their customers are saying about their products(Hanna, Rohm, and Crittenden, 2011). Other companies will mostly utilize social networking for job advertisement to help them get skilled personnel (Saldanha, and Krishnan, 2012). These companies will mostly utilize social network like LinkedIn.
Other times some business will be on social media for the purpose of creating good networks. Networks are valuable ways of ideas exchange with people who have similar minds on how to change and improve the way businesses are done (Correa, Hinsley and De Zuniga, 2010). There are other advantages a business will get from social networking and should be studied thoroughly.
Disadvantages of using social networking in business
Despite many advantages accruing from social networking use by business, there are also pros and cons of using social networks. The issue of privacy to information concerning the business arises in all organization (Kaplan and Haenlein, 2010). Privacy violation could be possible with the irresponsible IT business information managers (Hanna, Rohm, and Crittenden, 2011). Other disadvantage would be the requirement of daily monitoring as social media is very immediate. Social media also requires additional resources to manage online business presence.
Research questions/hypothesis
Primary question 
Are the social networks bringing good or bad to the business world compared to traditional methods like emailing?
Secondary questions
Does every business in Australia use social networking to increase their customer base?
Are businesses that use social media more profitable than those that do not?
Research design and methodology
Qualitative research
Qualitative research design will use familiarization and immersion process to try and bring the whole picture of the texts while removing contradicting statements. This method will use the process of the encoding process to reduce description to numbers (Bernard, 2017). This design will also help provide details on behaviours, personal traits and emotions that quantitative design is not able to provide when analyzing data (Neuman, 2013). The questions that will be answered about the business behaviour will include how the business uses social media, when does it use social media, where is the social media used and finally why is the business using social media (Neuman, 2013). The design will extract data from small samples of social media types from the over 60 social media platforms identified to be in existence in Australia as of 1st June 2018. From the secondary data available everywhere, the design will help as to determine immediate reaction and emotional responses to experience with social media among small businesses in Australia (Bernard, 2017).
The research design will apply ethnography method to help gather information from interviews and documentary, observation method to produce comprehensive and detailed accounts of various social phenomena (Bernard, 2017).
However, data from this research design may not have confidence in numbers reflective of Australia business population as a small sample will be used.
Quantitative research
This project will also use quantitative research design using the data from the internet to avoid the subjective risk errors that may occur as a result of using disorganized qualitative research process since it is more useful as it is more objective than qualitative design (Neuman, 2013). It will apply online survey technique as well as involve 1000+ small medium-business enterprises in Australia as sample size. The data used for the research originate from internet sources written by known world researchers and experts to make data more reliable (Bernard, 2017). This research design will answer the “who” is supposed to use social networking and what behaviour is more beneficial to apply to social media (Neuman, 2013). This research design will use survey where a large number of the respondent will be involved to gather and analyze quantitative data.
The limitation of using this study will be lack of moderation since it will require the stimulus presented be more functional for use without involving a moderator. It is also hard to prove participants in the moments during their responses (Neuman, 2013).
The research will need to combine he two to achieve the most concerns of the questions such as who, why, where, when, what, and how of the businesses use of the social networking.
Research limitation 
It should be noted that this research would have been more accurate if the university would have given more time for the data collection to increase the content of research. The other limitation would be the challenges of finances and time constraint as the researcher needs to balance between class and research time.
Time schedule
1st to 7th June 2018- Project topic
8th to 14th June 2018- Project background introduction
15st to 21st June 2018- Project need
22nd to 29th June 2018- Project objectives and implications
30th to 6th July 2018- Literature review
7th to 13th July 2018- Methodology
14th to 20th July 2018- limitations and evaluations
21st to 29th July 2018- recommendations and conclusion
From the above discussion, we have seen that social networking has gained world acceptance in the businesses especially in Australia and its regions like Sydney. Social nearness for businesses is the most important today, if the businesses want to attract customers from comfort of their homes. Social networking is here to stay and every business must be aware of how to use it to reap maximum benefit. The need for increased sales, brand promotion, networking, customer-business relationship establishment and research on what the competitors are doing are the driving force towards online presence for almost all businesses. It should be noted that, apart from benefits associated with social media presence and social media being here to stay, it should be used consciously with specific objectives laid down by the business. This will enable businesses to reap maximum benefits from the careful use of social networking on daily basis.
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Ugander, J., Karrer, B., Backstrom, L. and Marlow, C., 2011. The anatomy of the facebook social graph.arXiv preprint arXiv:1111.4503.

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