WellDocs BlueStar Mobile Health Application Guide

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WellDoc’s BlueStar Mobile Health Application Guide

Words: 322

Subject: Health IT

Table of Contents Scenario mHealth Application Teaching Evaluation References Scenario Lisa is a 40-year-old Caucasian female who has been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. She leads an unhealthy lifestyle and suffers from obesity due to a number of poor choices. She is prescribed metformin to manage blood sugar. Although her diabetes is non-insulin dependent, she experiences spikes in blood sugar which leave her feeling unwell. She spends much time on her mobile phone since she has to be out of the office a lot for work duties. She is interested in managing her blood sugar to prevent symptoms such as fatigue, frequent urination or infections, and blurred vision (Mayo Clinic, n.d.). She fears that her lack of understanding of the condition will not allow her to make proper choices based on her blood sugar readings. mHealth Application Name: WellDoc’s BlueStar Purpose: Diabetes management which helps track blood sugar, provide educational material, offer lifestyle tips, and connect with medical experts for advice. Intended audience: It is meant for people who require management of diabetes Devices: The app works on both Apple and Android-based operating systems mobile devices Download: The app is downloaded from the iTunes or Google play store. Teaching The app is the first FDA approved prescription therapy. Therefore, it requires approval from a health care provider An external electronic device is issued which allows measuring blood sugar levels which sync with the app Data is collected and shared with experts. The app uses algorithms to analyze blood sugar levels, food consumption, medicine, and sleep cycles to provide recommendations If readings are abnormal or the patient feels lost, there is a button which would allow connection to a medical professional. The app has available information on diabetes and how each aspect of lifestyle impacts the symptoms and blood sugar levels (Caffrey, 2017). Evaluation The patient will have a better understanding of the disease Stable and potentially improved blood sugar Healthier food intake and consistent diet Improved lifestyle habits Relieve of diabetes-related symptoms References Caffrey, M. (2017) Welldoc’s Bluestar seeks to empower patients with type 2 diabetes through real-time coaching, provider feedback. Web.

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Mayo Clinic. (n.d.). Type 2 diabetes. Web.

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