Wellness of Senior: Case Study

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Wellness of Senior: Case Study

Words: 626

Subject: Geriatrics

Communication and information Communication and information will be given prime consideration in our village and these facilities will ensure that people of every age group receives the benefits of the society. Thus, in our village there will be an effective communication system which caters to the needs of people in the region belonging to different age groups. Similarly, the communication system also ensures that the current and updated news and information are always accessible to the people of Conil de la Fontera.

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That is to say, there will be a normal and extensive distribution of information through the effective means and the system also allocates a centralized access to the people. Senior citizen will be given priority in the system of communication and information. The essentials of an age-friendly city are mentioned in the checklist of the WHO Global Age-Friendly Cities project consultation and these essential features were decisive in the design of this plan. According to this, there will be immense provision for the most effective communication and information system in the design of the village. There will be provisions for customary information and broadcasts of interest to older people, oral communication accessible to older people, a friendly and person-to-person service on request provided by the public and commercial services, printed and spoken information catering to the needs of the older people etc. The communication and information system will be simple as well as effective which mainly aims at the service of the older people. The electronic tools including mobile telephone, radio, television, and bank and ticket machines, etc will have large buttons and big lettering and the language used in various means of communication will be simple. The access of the senior citizens to computers and the Internet will be ensured through reduced charges and maximum regard for the needs of the older people will be given in the communication system. All these facilities are made in response to the Checklist of Essential Features of Age-friendly Cities as suggested by the WHO. (Checklist of essential features of age-friendly cities, 2007). Therefore, the communication and information system of our village ensures that there are provisions for a more age-friendly village. Community and health services As in the case of communication and information, there are various provisions in our community and health service system which ensure the interest of the aged people. Through the most effective system of community and health services to the aged people, we recognize the fact that “as people age, our health care needs change.” (Health services, 2008). In this system, adequate range of health and community support services are ensured which aim at the well-being of the aged people. There will be various home care services such as health service, personal care, home visits, and housekeeping. There will be the assistance of transport system in the health and social services in every location. The residential care facilities as well as the housing facilities will be accessible to the aged as these people will be located close to the rest of the community and the areas that provide services. That is to say, the health care facilities and the community services will be accessible to the aged people. Also, the communication system ensures that the older people are given accurate and accessible information regarding health and social services. In response to the suggestions of the WHO, the delivery of the community and health services will be coordinated and administrated effectively. There will also be provisions to minimize economic barriers impeding access to health and community support services which will give priority to the needs of the old people. (Checklist of essential features of age-friendly cities, 2007). Therefore, the village of our design will ensure an age-friendly atmosphere through community and health service.

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References Checklist of essential features of age-friendly cities. (2007). World Health Organization. Web. Health services. (2008). Vancouver Coastal Health. Web.

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