Working With Developing Communities

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Working With Developing Communities

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Working With Developing Communities

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Discuss about the Working with Developing Communities.

Brief Summary Of The Project 
Developing a safe and responsible community is a primary aim for the Joondalup of Australia. The Joondalup is facing crime regarding a robbery which needs to handle by providing a safe and secure environment for the citizens. Concerning this, young people of the Joondalup with whom I am working closely with last one year wants to handle the increasing crime in the city. The present project includes a plan for increasing the security for managing the expanding robbery cases (Cordner, 2014). The people of the town are facing issues due to the enhancing robbery cases at their home and shops. This act is increasing fear of crime among the individuals due to which quality of life is getting affected. In context to this, the project includes proper strategies and activities for handling the enhancing crime of robbery. Budget allocation, funding sources, project timeline helps in optimum utilization of the resources and delivery of the project on time.
The aim of the project 
The primary aim of the current plan is to control the increasing crime of robbery in the city with the help of appropriate strategies and activities.
Why this project is needed 
The government of Australia has developed strict laws and regulations for avoiding any crime and violence in the nation. Even after, some cities of the country are facing felony and affecting the lives of people. The increasing case of robbery in the Joondalup has affected the quality of people’s living. It has impacted on the social and economic growth of the individuals. Due to the fear of robbery, persons are unable to go here and there. The worry concerning the crime remains the problem of public concern. It is necessary for the police and relevant authorities to look after the offense. People are feeling unsafe in the city due to a home burglary which results to damage the property and economic status. By considering all these cases, young people of the town are coming together for identifying most appropriate and practical strategies to control the increasing crime of robbery. As a community development worker, I am also helping youth in bringing change within the Joondalup (Sachdeva and Kumaraguru, 2015).
The present project plan helps police to take appropriate actions for handling the robbery cases. The method includes useful strategies and approaches along with the budget, timeframe and funding sources which will result to identify the critical areas for future investment and development for handling the crime and safety issues existing within the city. The suggested approach and developed plan creates a direct arrangement with the higher level strategic documents and influences the present community knowledge. Effective implementation of the respected plan will develop an awareness and understanding of the safety issues, reduce the robbery and related cases within the city, improves the quality of life and ensures that the strategies are used and executed expertly in the areas of greatest need (Braga and Weisburd, 2015).  
Community work approach or model
Community Work Model:
For meeting the aim of the project i.e., to control the increasing crime of robbery in the Joondalup with the help of appropriate strategies and activities, young people of the city needs useful community work model (Welsh, Farrington and Taheri, 2015). The community work model concerning the present project is as follows:
Community Organizing: In this step, young people of the Joondalup try to collect all the individuals belong to their community for planning and implementing the project effectively. After receiving all the youth, they will decide their roles and responsibilities concerning the project, i.e. to control the increasing cases of robbery within the city.  Community development workers also play an essential role in developing the youth community and bringing all the young people together.
Organizing functional communities: In this step of the community work model, all the young people of the community need to discuss their roles and responsibilities as per the action. The society pays attention to providing an appropriate strategy for changing the present state of the city. Work with regards to the social justice will be adequately planned by the youth community of the Joondalup (Cozens and Love, 2015).
Social, economic and sustainable development: Youth community in this stage of the model takes care of the social and economic factors of the city. The group of people evaluates all social and economic factors of the city for avoiding any harm to them. The social life of the people needs not to be affected by the strategies and plan needs to incorporate the economic growth without harming the resources of the city. Along with this, young people also take care of the factors which result in the sustainable development of the Joondalup and living standard of the people.
Inclusive Program Development: As this step, the strategies and actions concerning the increasing robbery crime in the city will identify the community members. The active program will help in improving the present services, safety measures and security aspects of the town. By analyzing the reasons behind the increasing robbery cases, community members will provide practical strategies for handling it and obliterating it from the metropolitan (Homel and Fuller, 2015).
Social Planning: In this step, youth and community development worker will include relevant social members like police, elected bodies, etc. for collecting appropriate information regarding the crime and getting help in social planning. Involvement of all the necessary members will help in understanding the actual situation of the Joondalup. Appropriate measures regarding the crime of robbery will assist in the social development of the city and people.
Coalitions: The grassroots effort of the youth and community development worker regarding the robbery crime will influence the program directions. The partnership of government bodies within the project will result to develop an actual and appropriate project plan for controlling the cases of increasing robbery within the city (Sheperdson and et al., 2014).
Political and Social Action: The community will take both political and social actions with the help of government bodies. In the context of the political activity, the society will provide proper evidence for changing the policies for reducing the crime and increasing the safety of the people. On the other hand, by implementing the strategies for handling robbery cases, the community will lead to improving social factor of the Joondalup.
Movement for progressive change: At the end of the mode, the completed plan will implement for bringing change within the city concerning the enhancing crime and violence. Implementation of the project and suggested strategies will change the social lives of the individuals by removing the fear of offense from their mind and providing them a safe environment to live (Fleming and Koppelman, 2016).
Thus, the above community work model will help youth in developing a plan regarding the increasing robbery cases effectively.
Project objectives, strategies, and activities
Project Objectives:
The goals of the current project are as follows:

To determine the reasons behind increasing robbery cases in the city
To evaluate the impact of the crime of robbery on the people and Joondalup
To identify an appropriate strategy for controlling the increasing robbery cases in the city

Collaboration Approach: Safety of the community and crime prevention activity depends upon the participation and contribution of the youth community and different range of stakeholders. For accomplishing the objectives of the present project, the collaboration of the following is necessary:

State Government bodies (Example: Police Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Police Strategic Crime prevention, Department of housing and many more)
Youth people Community
Families (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017)
Local Media
Council and Administration

By working in the collaboration, all these stakeholders will able to plan and implement the crime prevention and safety strategies. The plan will also improve social and economic factor of the city which gets affected by the crime of robbery.
Other Strategies:
Strategy for promoting and operating CCTV systems in public space within the Joondalup:

Installation, maintenance and evaluation of the city’s CCTV camera in consultation with the police
Maintenance and operation of the public areas CCTV camera in the city centre and other locations as per the Joondalup’s public area’s video surveillance system operation and management protocol (Munyo, 2015).  
Placement of the necessary infrastructure like signage, lighting, etc. for increasing the effectiveness.

Strategy for development of proper complaint procedure:

Development of department for handling the complaints of the people
Implementation of a decent online system for storing and managing the complaints effectively.
To add appropriate features to the system for helping individuals in knowing the status of their complaint (Christie, 2016).  

Strategy for coordinate the delivery of in-house programs which supports the safety and crime prevention results for the city residents

Development of a practical plan for removing, reporting and preventing the issues occurring from the robbery cases.
Supporting the installation of portable CCTV and other necessary security measures in various locations
Implementation of the comprehensive program for increasing awareness among the people for handling robbery cases
Engagement of the stakeholders to implement the program effectively within the Joondalup (Henley, 2015).

Strategy for increasing the awareness regarding enhancing robbery cases in the city within the people

Supporting and promoting the education and awareness program among the citizens for improving the community safety and crime prevention
The formation of the annual events for targeted groups like women, families, etc.
Distribution of information and awareness materials at all city events and other facilities with regards to the community safety and crime prevention.
Providing all the information to the local media on safety issues and strategies will lead to increase the awareness among the citizens.
Establishment of the Joondalup website and social media platform for promoting the safety and crime prevention initiatives, programs, etc.  

Project Activities:
The activities which required for the project are as follows:

Collection of necessary information
Survey regarding robbery crime in the city
Collaboration with the range of stakeholders
Proper analysis of the current safety policies and measures of the city (Goodspeed, 2014).
Identification of the loopholes behind increasing robbery cases within the Joondalup

The plan for controlling the increasing robbery cases in the city is a working document which will be analyzed annually for enabling the effective strategies in response to the needs and desires of the people. The safety measures and policy will be evaluated every year for ensuring their appropriateness and effectiveness.
The young people will take care that up-to-date and latest information is considered for developing and reviewing the plan for controlling the enhancing robbery cases. By developing and maintaining the implemented plan regularly, continuous contact will create with the people. On the other hand, the program will enhance the relationship between the safe city and local police which will result to implement the emerging trends and initiatives for the development and safety of the Joondalup and people. The community will use analysis of the crime trends for monitoring the recorded crime changes and assisting with refocusing the priorities needed. In the end, customer satisfaction and community safety survey will be conducted by the city for measuring the changes in the safety and security of the people along with their perception (Onder and et al., 2014).
The budget for the project plan is as follows:

Human Services


Community Development


Public Safety


Other fields




Potential funding sources 
The potential funding sources for the plan are as follows:
Crime Prevention Fund:

Prevention and early intervention for addressing the wants and desires of the families and citizens
Justice to the people and reduction in the re-offending
Prevention of antisocial behavior
Addressing and decreasing the crime regarding the robbery

Community Safety Fund

Programs for the safety and security of the people
Implementation of the CCTV cameras for controlling the cases effectively
Events for enhancing safety awareness among the citizens (Simon, 2017).  

State Fund

Encouraging and supporting individuals for reducing crime fear
Providing a proper procedure for filling complaints
Supporting the projects which help in decreasing the number of robbery cases in the city
Increasing the awareness of the people with regards to robbery and related activities
Providing proper training to the police for handling robbery cases effectively (Kim, 2018).

Project Timeline
The timeline for implementing the project of controlling the increasing robbery cases in the Joondalup is as follows:

Priority Area



Time frame

Supporting individuals, community development, and capacity building

To improve the perception of security for individuals who are feeling unsafe

Support community development program, community safety events and activities

Ongoing achievements reported yearly

Communication, use of media for providing safety messages

Enhancement of the awareness and understanding with regards to the crime and related safety measures (Homel and Fuller, 2015)

Development of the community strategy for conveying safety messages


Decreasing harm associated with the robbery case

For creating long term strategy for reducing and controlling the increasing robbery cases within the Joondalup

Development of the practical plan for grabbing thieves (Munyo, 2015)


Limitations and weaknesses of the project 
The current project pays attention to the only crime of robbery which is currently increasing within the city. There is no strategy and information regarding the other crimes occurring and affecting the lives of the people. Along with this, information obtained from the limited secondary resources like annual reports, surveys, previous resources, etc. (Cordner, 2014).
From the above study, it is concluded that with the help of practical strategies and activities, the young community will able to control the increasing robbery cases within the Joondalup of Australia.
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